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Aug 2015

Some tips for Windows 10

In the last blog we looked at some of the new features in Window 10, such as Cortana, Virtual Desktops and Print to PDF. So this week I’d like to give a couple of Windows 10 Tips & Tricks.
Natural Language Searching
Searching with Cortana, both by text and speech, has been simplified. She isn’t just for searching the internet – if you ask her to “Find pictures from August”, you’ve got your photos from August on your screen as quick as a flash. You can even ask her to open programs on your PC by saying “Open Edge”, “Open iTunes” or “Open Word” etc. She’s clever enough to recognise most programs or apps on your PC by name. She can also tell you what’s playing on the radio - just ask her “What’s playing”. You can ask her things in the normal way in which you speak, so asking “Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?” will bring up the weather for tomorrow and asking “Is it going to be sunny next week?” will give you a 5 day forecast for the following week.
Using Right Click Button
People seem to forget that that there is a right mouse button! This has a whole host of uses in Windows 10. For example, you can right-click on the Start Button and get a list of previously hidden shortcuts, including Control Panel, System and Device Manager. If you right-click on a program on your Task Bar, you will see a list of options appropriate to that program. So if you right-click on File Explorer, you get a list of recently opened folders.
Wi-Fi Sense
One new feature I’m a bit wary of is Wi-Fi Sense. Its purpose is to manage wireless connectivity for you, however it will automatically connect you to any unsecured open Wi-Fi network and any other network that the people in your People App have connected to once you are within range. This has the potential to be brilliant in a world where only nice people surf the internet for videos of cats playing piano, but sadly that’s not the world we live in. You can turn off this potentially huge security risk as follows:
1. Open the Start Menu and launch Settings
2. Select Network & Internet, then Wi-Fi and then the Manage Wi-Fi option.
3. Turn off Connect to suggested open hotspot and Connect to networks shared by my contacts.

Windows 10 brings awesome levels of awesome!!!

unknownSince its launch a fortnight ago, I’ve been having a great time exploring all the new features of Windows 10. Here are some of those features that you may have missed.
    I’ve been using third party tools like Cute PDF for years, however with Windows 10, Print to PDF is there and works just like it should have done years ago. All you need to do is press Print, choose Microsoft Print to PDF as your printer option, give your PDF file a name and choose where to save it. Simple!
      For years you’ve been able to copy your desktop with the PrintScreen button, but now Microsoft has added Video Recording. While this is predominantly aimed at gamers, it’s also useful for making tutorials for training purposes. All you need to do is press the Windows key+G in any programme and it starts the Game Bar. Then press the big red button to record whatever you’re doing on the screen.
        If you’ve got a microphone (most laptops have these built in), click on the little microphone icon (located at the bottom of the screen, left hand side) and ask your new digital assistant almost anything. She’s pretty clever and you can ask questions like “tell me a joke”. (Most are awful by the way but she did come up with “How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?... A Fish.”). If you haven’t got a microphone, you can just type the questions.
          This is basically a very handy function allowing you to have multiple full screen desktops. For example, you can have different Edge browser windows open on different desktops. It sounds weird but give it a go - you might find a use for it. All you need to do is press the Windows key and the Tab key and you’re away.
            Sitting next to the clock is a useful Notification Centre, allowing you to catch up with your emails or any messages your PC may have given you. Windows 8 did a similar thing but the messages just disappeared, annoying if you missed one. You can also easily get to your settings, such as Bluetooth, from here or put your PC into tablet mode.
              All the core apps, such as Mail, Calendar and Photos, have been GREATLY improved over the Windows 8 versions. The Weather app was really good on 8 and that still has its charms, as does the News app.
              I shall continue to tinker with Windows 10 over the next few weeks and will look into some Tips and Tricks for my next blog.