Free PC Software

There is a wealth of free software available for PCs and it’s a real mix of must-have programs and programs that are just fun to play around with. Let’s have a look at just a few:

Ninite is a secure and easy-to-use online service that allows users to install multiple software programs onto a computer (Windows only) all at once. To do this, go to the Ninite website, select which free software you’d like to install, then click Get Installer to receive an .exe file which contains the installers for all these programs. Because applications are installed from their official websites, the latest official versions are always downloaded. Moreover, it automatically declines any adware and bloatware using the option to deselect the adware or suspicious extensions during the installation process.

Unchecky is a software program that automatically unchecks boxes in installers for “optional install” software, aka junkware. The software application works quietly in the background, however, once you try to install new software, you will notice that any checkboxes within the setup wizard have been automatically unchecked (even those hidden in custom settings menus). To install it, you simply run the .exe installer, choose language and click on Install, and the program immediately starts working in the background. A Desktop icon is created from which you can access the program interface where you can find a couple of basic options.

PC Decrapifier is a software uninstaller that specialises in the removal of those preinstalled and often never-used programs (also known as bloatware, crapware, junkware, and shovelware) that come with new PCs. In addition, it can also scan and list all programs you have on your system that you might want to remove. One of its main benefits is that it prompts the user to create a restore point before uninstalling software, which is a recommended step in case you remove a program and encounter issues.

Dashlane and LastPass are brilliant password managers, which let you generate and securely store unlimited unique and strong passwords quickly and easily. Almost all of us have to keep track of a load of different passwords, due to the increasing number of web-based services we use, which is not easy (as we have mentioned many times before, NEVER pick one password, then re-use it over and over). But with a password manager, all you need to remember is one master password – just make sure it’s both secure and memorable. Do note that the free versions are limited to a single device – if you wish to use them across multiple devices (recommended for security), you will need to upgrade to the paid versions.

Philip Brooks