PC's custom built to YOUR personal requirements to public, business & trade

We LOVE to build custom PCs for people, so whether you want a cheap and cheerful desktop to surf and shop or a more powerful one for editing photographs or a beast of a gaming PC we can help in fact using our Instore PC Builder website we have over a trillion different combinations, no kidding a trillion!!!! If you want us to set it all up for you and transfer all your data from your old pc we can do that for you too (prices vary depending on requirement). Here are some examples of what we’ve sold in the last few months to people. Prices are correct as of 10/05/22, all come with a 12 Month Warranty and delivery within 10 miles of Wisbech.

Pentium Bundle

From £579

Intel G6405

Passmark Benchmark 4285

4Gb DDR4 Ram

250Gb M.2 NVMe SSD

Windows 10/11 Home

i3 Bundle Deal

From £649

Intel i3 10100

Passmark Benchmark 8895

8Gb DDR4 Ram

500Gb WD Black NVMe SSD

Windows 10/11 Home

Extreme Gamer


AMD Ryzen 5950X

Passmark Benchmark 46205

64GB DDR4 Ram

2Tb M2 SSD

Nvidia RTX 3090ti

Windows 10/11

i5 Bundle Deal

From £739

Intel i5 10400

Passmark Benchmark 12487

16Gb DDR4 Ram

500Gb M2.Sata NVME SSD

Windows 10/11 Home

RTX Gamer


AMD Ryzen 5600X, RTX 3070ti

Passmark Benchmark 22079

16Gb DDR4 Ram


Windows 10/11 Home

Budget RTX Gamer


Intel i3 12100f

Passmark Benchmark 14394

16GB Ram


Nvidia RTX 3050

Windows 10/11