"Very fast turnaround with knowledgeable help meant we had a new computer within 24 hours of first contacting you."

John |

Marlene and Chris, March, Cambs.

"Many many thanks once again Philip. Its really nice to have someone who is reliable to sort out problems whatever the size or complexity."

Marlene and Chris |

J Leeds

"Forgotten the man’s name who served me today at Wisbech with helping wire my new Ryzen pc but he was very helpful and knowledgeable, quick service and cheap pricing."

J Leeds |

Mary Reader

"The best service from a business in many a long day"

Mary Reader |

Positive Solutions

"I would like to thank you for the great job you did recently in helping me with my IT issues. I had been given very short notice to changes that had to be made to my encryption and security protection. You advised me on what needed to be done arranged an appointment and came up with the solutions before this became a bigger issue. This was all done with no disruption to my business or clients. You even managed to sell me a new desktop which has also made my processes a lot quicker and easier. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Diamond Byte Solutions to any of my contacts in the future. Yours sincerely Colin"

Colin | Positive Solutions

Inspire Architectural

"Phillip, I detailed my referral simply as 'crisis aversion' and that is exactly what it was. I was working to a deadline upon a project when my computer decided that it wasn't working to the same deadline and promptly gave up completely. I called you and you were round to my house within half an hour. Other commitments dictated that I had to leave within 30 minutes of your arrival. No problem for you, you took away the computer and attempted to work your magic, well into the evening. Sadly, for me, the sick hard drive didn't make it but you managed to install and new one the next day and even delivered the PC to me the next. Your service, speed and final cost were excellent throughout and I will never have any doubts in referring Diamond Byte to my friends, family and business contacts in the future. Kind Regards, Stuart Beckett "

Stuart Beckett | Inspire Architectural

Wisbech Carpet Warehouse

"Dear Philip, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your assistance with some recent problems we have had with our computers. Firstly, you came out to our Wisbech store to inspect our office laptop, which I had issues with running sluggish and booting up very slow. Not only did you come out to us within a few hours, but after setting to the task in hand had it running smoothly and loading nicely in no time at all. In addition to this you happily gave me all the information I needed to adapt this to my other laptops for me to manage myself. Secondly, you came to the rescue of my elderly father in law who spends a lot of time on his laptop, who had tragically had his bank account cleared out by a nasty virus which had somehow infected his computer, after speaking to the bank he was advised to call out the professionals to sort his problem. After expressing the love off his laptop to you and his tragic situation, you rushed over to Downham Market, collected the infected item, and set to task on it straight away, returning it to him within days. Not only was it now virus free, but also running and booting up more efficiently. My father in law sends his biggest thank you and sincerest gratitude, in doing this for him so quickly and very fairly priced for the service provided. Both myself, and Mr Tom Satt would have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends, family and colleagues, For the work carried out not only professionally, but the joyful manor you carry out your work. Once again our sincere thanks. Darren Preston Tom Satt "

Darren Preston, Tom Satt | Wisbech Carpet Warehouse

Welbourne & Co Ltd

"Dear Philip Thank you for installing an SSD (a solid-state drive) in my main work computer. I thought this computer was already quite quick, but after listening to you prattle on week after week about the advantages of using an SSD I was beaten into submission. I haven't regretted it at all. The speed increase has been phenomenal. I had no idea how much a slow computer had been holding me back. Without the speed restrictions of my computer as the limiting factor to my productivity, I set to it. In the first week I had cleared my work back log and created 4 extra hours in my working day. By the end of week two I had written a novel and learned 2 new languages. By the end of the third week I had set up another business and earned my first million. By the end of week four I am hoping to have retired while my computer watches over my new investment portfolio. If anyone has any doubts over the improvements that an SSD can make to both your computer speed and the knock-on effect in your business life, please be assured, Phil will make both better. Thank you so much for changing my life and the more than reasonable fee charged for doing so. Yours sincerely, Richard Welbourne FCCA Welbourne & Co Ltd "

Richard Welbourne FCCA | Welbourne & Co Ltd

Safety Security and Training

"Dear Phil Well what can I say…………………………………#superhero or what!! So, there I am sitting in the office, going about my health and safety business — risk assessment here and health & safety policy there — when all of a sudden, the Finance Manager AKA the Managing Director of Safety Security and Training's computer won't let her into her emails or into the finance spreadsheets. This does not go down well!! I don my intelligence cap and attempt to solve the problem. Unfortunately, I am unable to do this so I then put up the 'Diamond Byte' signal (like the Bat Signal) and shout "help me DB, help me!" — Ok I really picked up the phone, call Phil and say....’help! ‘ Phil says don't fret and says he will be over in a flash! He arrived in his 'leaf mobile' and comes to help us with the problem. DB — as he shall now be known — takes the computer away and works his magic on it. Within a couple of days, the computer returns all working and DB has installed some hyper drive into it. Working email + functional spreadsheets + speedy fast computer = Very Happy Managing Director, Finance Director and Mum! In all honesty Phil, the way you came to the office, identified the problems, sorted them and even sorted out some additional networking issues too, you were excellent, professional, skilful, very chatty and you always are a happy happy man!! Thank you again and I would have no problem with recommending you to clients, friends and family…..First job — can you come and super power Keith and my computers too! Thank you again and 'with great power comes.. ‘ Nope you will have to sort your own superhero line!! Yours sincerely Jim Coote "

Jim Coote | Safety Security and Training

Track and Test Ltd

"Dear Phil I would like to thank Diamond Byte Solutions for the very speedy and efficient service that Track and Test Ltd has received. We had a PC Hard drive die on us, so I dropped it off with Phil and within 24hrs, I not only have a working PC with a new super quick SSD drive but he also managed to save and restore all our corrupted data. I will most certainly be using your services again and would not hesitate to recommend Diamond Byte Solutions to my Family, Friends and Work colleagues. Best Regards Jeremy Winder Sales Director "

Jeremy Winder | Track and Test Ltd

TMorph Design

"I'd like to thank you for my recent purchase of a used Lenovo Laptop and SSD drives to speed up some computers. I was looking for powerful laptop with long battery life, high spec and of course light weight and you came up with a great solution. The laptop joined me on a recent holiday and allowed me to make some adjustments to a recently launched website from a tent in the Peak District. Being lightweight it was easy to put the laptop in a rucksack and download photographs and drone footage on the move, overall a great investment. Of course the SSD's were for two other computers that were struggling to keep up with today's demands, but they are now fully refreshed and usable again. Thanks for the great service and advice, we will certainly be using your IT services in the future and will happily recommend you to friends and customers. "

Colin Needham | TMorph Design

UK Support Office

"Dear Phil, May I say thank you on behalf of my parents for the repair you recently made to their pc. They had a very old pc with a genealogy database on it which was very important to them. The pc stopped working but after you did some IT magic it was brought back to life. My parents are delighted and wish to express their gratitude. I would have no hesitation in recommending your quick, thorough and professional service to anyone. Yours sincerely, Geoff Fletcher "

Geoff Fletcher | UK Support Office

UK Support Office 2

"Dear Philip, Some people take to technology like ducks do to water. My Step-Father is not one of those people. His level of frustration with a slow pc is evident, highly audjbJe and more than frequent. So thank you for bringing peace to his household and to my greatly relieved Mother by providing him with a wonderful, working and super quick pc. You worked out exactly what he needed, kept the costs down and yet still exceeded his expectations, also making the data transfer from his old pc to his new seamless and easy. He is delighted. So are all of us that visit his house. I would recommend your services to anyone who needs to upgrade their IT. Many thanks. Yours sincerely, Geoff Fletcher "

Geoff Fletcher | UK Support Office


"Dear Philip, I'd like to say thank you for providing form me a great little Laptop PC that's really helping me develop my company further. However, what I was really impressed with, was the rapid and no nonsense way you sorted out the issues I had with the first Laptop you provided. After a few days it failed to turn on. But you quickly repaired it whilst providing me a courtesy Laptop. After a couple of weeks the Laptop failed yet again, this time more permanently. But you sorted out another equivalent spec Laptop for me very quickly which, so far has operated with no issues. Technology is always prone to failures (as I well know). But it goes to show that the best companies are those that sort out the problems quickly, with the minimum of fuss and bother and get their customers up and working again. Therefore I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Philip and Diamond Byte Solutions for all your computer needs. Julian M Snape Managing Director TVA Ltd "

Julian M Snape | TVA Ltd

The Window Doctor

"Dear Philip, We recently decided it was time to update our home laptop, we had an old one which, if we decided we wanted to use it, we had to turn it on 30 minutes beforehand. I asked Philip if he had anything available. We didn't want to spend a fortune as like most people nowadays we use our phones and tablets but it is sometimes nice to have a full-size screen. After only a few days Philip showed me a laptop he had available. It ticked all the boxes that we required at a very competitive price. We purchased this Diamond Byte. Philip transferred all the documents and pictures from our old laptop and we now have a functional, fast laptop which we now use most days. I would have no hesitation in recommending Philip for any IT solutions. Yours sincerely David Murfitt For and on behalf of The Window Doctor "

David Murfitt | The Window Doctor

The Way of Joy

"Dear Philip, Thank you for your support in transferring my data from my old Macbook to my new HP laptop, that you also sourced for me. It was an honestly terrifying process, transitioning from Apple to HP, that you made easy, not only because you did it for me, but also because you explained what you were doing as you were doing it. Later you came to my aid over the phone, and very promptly, in response to my having lost control of my mousepad, due to operator error (me). The main advantage to me as a small business owner in having access to you is that I don't have to go through some corporate queuing structure or face explaining my plight to a new expert every time I need assistance. I like to have my level of competence known and understood so that I can receive targeted help in the most efficient way. I commend you on your efficiency and your reassuring approach. My youngest can't eait for the next computer issue to develop so that I can call again on 'Phil the Computer Man'. She loves your energy and enthusiasm. I can wait for another issue to develop, but I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for excellent service in computer sales and support. With sincere thanks, Sally Dearman-Cummings "

Sally Dearman-Cummings | The Way of Joy


"I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided for the repair and supply of a new computer for our business. Not only were you extremely helpful but you were also very prompt and excellent value for money. It is also nice to know that you are on hand if ever we have any further issues in the future. I therefore wouldn't hesitate (and already have) in recommending your services to anyone that needs help with their computer problems. Kind regards, Ben Wicks "


JS Holmes

"Dear Phil, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt and efficient service recently for two jobs you have done for us. Firstly after one my staff members decided to water his laptop with coffee, we needed a solution as quickly as possible. We called you that evening, you came in the next day to take said laptop away with the hope of fixing it, while leaving a courtesy laptop behind so we could continue to work. Unfortunately the laptop didn't pull through, however you were very prompt in offering us a replacement refurbished model to a higher spec than the laptop it was replacing. All in all we had the new laptop back with us within 3 days of "Coffee Gate" with all data swapped over from our old one. Secondly Phil has supplied and installed a new Wi-Fi Router with a separate Customer Wi-Fi connection. After speaking to Phil he recommended having a separate Wi-Fi connection to protect our internal Networks and servers. All works were carried out quickly and efficiently within the time frame set by Phil. Very efficient service from Phil, who I will be recommending for any future laptop repairs or IT based concerns. Regards ALEX HOLMES "


G&B Garage Doors

"Dear Philip I'd like to thank you for saving me with the work you did saving our photos and documents when our laptop suddenly decided to pack up the day after the wife's 30th!! As you can imagine she was not impressed when she realised all the photos of her birthday meal with all the family had gone, especially when she realised I had deleted them from our camera once I'd uploaded them to the laptop! You did a fantastic and quick job rescuing them and me! Me and my wife will have no hesitation in recommending you and your services to all our family and friends in the future. Kind regards Gavin Lawless "

Gavin Lawless | G&B Garage Doors


"I just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for your service and customer care. I’m really pleased with the offsite back up system. I now have peace of mind knowing that my data is completely protected without me having to remember to back up manually every day although this often slipped to maybe once a month or more. I would recommend this system to anyone who has large amounts of data that would be irreplaceable if the worst happened. My data was vulnerable to fire, flood, theft or the complete crashing of my hard drive, knowing now that this has all been taken care of offsite without any effort on my part has taken a great weight off my mind."


James C-H

""My PC of 5 years "lost" my iTunes library and my initial "call out" was to rectify that. However in the meantime the PC "died". I was offered a couple of options and I decided to have a new one, and with Windows 7. I was very impressed with the speed of the first call out..The service was second to none, efficient, competitively priced and the added bonus of not having to leave my own home and the loan of a PC so I was not without or inconvenienced.My new PC arrived with my iTunes and other files. A friendly and efficient service and would recommend to anyone.""


Linda C

"I have now used Diamond Byte Solutions for over a year. They have proven themselves to be competent, reliable and friendly. My new computer was designed around my personal requirements, and I am highly delighted with the service I have received."

Linda C |

Joan K

"A truly exceptional and efficient service. They are knowledgeable and very helpful and I can thoroughly recommend Diamond Byte. Nothing was too much trouble and the friendliness in which the service was provided was exemplary. It would have saved me a considerable amount of stress if I had found Diamond Byte earlier. I shall certainly contact them again should I have any further problems with my elderly computer."


Adrian N

"Thanks for the brilliant advice and quick turn around on my gaming PC, communication was brilliant especially as the delivery driver got lost with the Graphics card. Highly Recommended service and at competitive rates, you can't go wrong! ★★★★★"

Adrian N | Tmorph Digital Design

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