Windows 11 is here!!!

Whoop Whoop !!!

Windows 11 is here!!  And more importantly Windows 10 is still here until 25th October 2025. So what should you do? Stick to Windows 10 or upgrade? If you do feel the need to jump straight into Windows 11 with both feet, how do you do it?

Firstly, you need to check whether your PC can actually run Windows 11. As a rule of thumb, if your PC is under 4 years old and it meets all of the new hardware requirements to upgrade, it is likely that you can. Before you begin, however, do back up all your important data onto an external hard drive or a cloud-based system like OneDrive or Dropbox. Then all you should have to do is hit the magic button. (At the time of writing this article, we must point out that we have yet to see the magic button therefore we can’t actually tell you what it’s called or what it looks like!) Then you should be able to sit back and watch your PC magically transform like a butterfly into a new sparkly Windows 11 PC (note that no actual magic will happen as it will be like the twice-yearly updates that Microsoft have been rolling out for the past 6 years).

If your Windows PC or laptop is over 4 years old, you don’t have to worry about upgrading to Windows 11 just now because you can’t! Even if you do manage to get it shoehorned on there (and this is easy enough to do), you shouldn’t. Microsoft has stated that all unsupported hardware will not get access to Windows updates, meaning it will not receive any security updates whatsoever. So please, just don’t do it! Windows 10 is fine for another 4 years.

At Diamond Byte, we have many PC’s around the office and in our homes, some of which will and some of which won’t upgrade to the new version of Windows. We will gradually start to manually upgrade those that will over the next few weeks, however, we are not worried about those that won’t upgrade to 11 just yet as we still have four years to do it.

We have been experimenting with test versions of Windows 11 and there’s quite a lot we like, such as the new start menu (although I will relocate the start button on my own PC from the middle to the bottom left-hand corner like it has been for the last 26 years, you can see that at the bottom of this blog). We also like the fact that eventually we’ll be able to run Android Apps on our PC’s and the snap layout feature looks pretty cool. We’ll be discussing more features and tips over the coming weeks. As always if you have any questions give us a call.

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Philip Brooks