Windows 11 Update

It's here!!!

The Windows 11 2022 Update (also known as version 22H2) will apparently start rolling out to compatible devices from September 20th, I thought we’d take a look at some of it’s upcoming new features and as well as some that were due to be released with the original version, but which, for various reasons, are still pending release.

Folders in the Start Menu: Why we couldn’t have had folders in the Start Menu on release day seems like a massive oversight, however over the next few months this should arrive and make managing our apps and shortcuts a little easier.

Improved Account Management: If you want to check on subscriptions for Xbox, Office etc or change a password, you currently have to open the settings page in Windows 11, which opens a web browser page on Microsoft’s web site where you have to log on once more in order to make amendments etc. This is going to change, allowing you to be able to do it in settings, without taking you to a website.

Drag and Drop Support for the Windows 11 Taskbar: You’ll be able to drag files straight to apps on the taskbar, such as Outlook for adding attachments or image editors like paint or photos to make amendments, which should make working on multiple things at once easier.

User interface improvements: Currently, the pop out section for audio, brightness, Wi-Fi etc in the bottom right hand corner is a hot mess, so thankfully it looks like this is going to be improved.

Android Apps: These, have been available in beta from Amazon App store in the the USA for a while now. This will bring the Kindle App and over a 1,000 games and utilities with it.

Mail, Calendar and People:  This update is long overdue! In Windows 8, the in-built Windows Mail app was awful, it got a minor tweak in Windows 10 and is still the same on Windows 11 (we’ve been pushing either Mozilla Thunderbird (Free) Outlook (not Free) for years). Apparently, this update is going to be a replacement and will be offered to both Windows 10, 11 and Apple macOS users. Hopefully this update will provide a way to back up settings and contact details (ie email addresses etc) so that you can transfer them from one machine to another, like Thunderbird or Outlook

A couple of the features weren’t in the 22H2 release, Including the updates to the Mail, Calendar and People apps, as of 24/09/22 I’ve got no idea when they’re coming.

Philip Brooks